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Premium Frozen Yogurt

& Smoothies

It's fun.

It's healthy.

It's delicious.

It's VAVA!

VAVA Frozen Yogurt has Thailand's best frozen yogurt. We know because we get rave reviews from our imported top shelf, premium ingredients. You know because of the delicious taste and rich texture. 


Benefits of VAVA Frozen Yogurt:

  • Low Fat / Low Calorie / Low Sugar

  • Made fresh daily using premium ingredients

  • Not too sweet

  • Not heavy in your stomach

  • Gluten Free

  • Contains active live cultures (probiotics) that support the immune system and good digestive health

  • Fresh fruit ingredients are a great source of natural vitamins     and fibers, which are important for good health.

Over 40 Fresh Toppings

Take a cup. Fill it up!

Fresh fruit, nuts, candies, cereals and sauces -  get creative with your cup and fill it as your heart desires. Go healthy with fresh kiwis or sweet mangos. Get crazy with Kit-Kats and marshmallows. Or fall back to classic with Oreos and caramel sauce. Our premium frozen yogurt goes great with anything.

“You can't buy happiness, but you can buy some Vava, and that's pretty much the same thing.” 

- Sydney Holofcener -

All New Signature Cups & Cones


We've taken VAVA to the next level with our all new fixed priced Signature Cups & Cones. Eight exciting new flavor creations that you can get in a cup or a waffle cone and with the option to add on a cotton candy balloon or cloud! Now available at our Maya and Thaepae stores in Chiang Mai and coming soon to our other locations throughout Thailand.

Salted Caramel, Foi Tong (Thai Dessert), Cookies & Cream, Honey Banana, Rainbow Dream, Mango Matcha, Healthy Fruity, Thunder Cloud.



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